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Declutter by Lani will help you declutter and organize your home or office. I do everything from closets, small rooms, large areas, garages, basements, attics, bedrooms, offices and even entire homes. I work with you from start to finish and will even help prepare donations and list items you’d like to sell.

Ready to get started? Email me at Declutterbylani@gmail.com or call/text me at 203-721-0657 to book an appointment.

The dangers of hoarding

From slips and falls to fires, mold, and mice, hoarding can be a very dangerous thing. Not only can hoarding destroy your home, it can also cause serious health issues. In this post I will explain how.

Imagine walking through your living room and having to step over items to get from one side to the other. What happens if you slip over these items and fall onto a pile of things? What about if you can’t get back up? Will you be able to get to a phone to dial 911 and if you do will they be able to get in to help you?

Here’s another potential issue: Fires! When the winter comes and your home gets cold the first thing you do is turn on your heat but what if your home is cluttered and there are too many things blocking your heaters? Did you know that’s a fire hazard? When your heaters are on and too many things are close to them there is always a risk that something could get stuck to the heater and cause a fire. If your home is on fire would you be able to get out in time?

Last but not least: Mold and mice! If your house has ever flooded, your roof leaked or a pipe burst you likely have mold. Mold when breathed in can affect your lungs. And what about mice? Well, mice breed like crazy so if you have one mouse in your home you can potentially get hundreds and in a hoarded home you may not even know they are there as they are making beds out of your shoeboxes and hiding out in piles of clothing and other housewares. And while they are living in your home they are using it as their bathroom so you are breathing in their urine and droppings!

The first step in fixing all of these potential hazards is to declutter your home. Not only will you be able to move about your home more easily but you will also have peace in knowing that should there ever be an emergency you will be able to get out safely. Plus once your home is clutter free you can then have any mold or mice issues addressed. Want to get started decluttering your home? Call me today at 203-721-0657 and let me help you make your space your happy place!

When is the right time to declutter your home?

Have you been wondering if your home is too cluttered? Have small piles of clothing and housewares become large piles that you feel are growing out of control? Has it become difficult to get around in your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it may be time to call a professional organizer.

When a home becomes cluttered and you have to climb over things to get from one room to another it can become unsafe. Picture climbing over a large pile of clothing and slipping, if you land wrong you could get hurt. You also run the risk of having insects and rodents moving in on you. Did you know that if you get one mouse in the house you could potentially get hundreds?

As a professional home organizer I help my clients declutter their homes to not only make them safe but to make them comfortable as well. It is my belief that a clutter free home is a happy home. So if you think your home is cluttered, now is the time to make that call and let me help you make your space a happy place.

Decluttering and organizing leads to peace and happiness!

I wanted to share a message I received from a client I recently started working with. When we started she was overwhelmed and it has been my honor working with her and helping her declutter and organize her home so that it is now safe and comfortable. I love what I do and so thankful my clients put their faith and trust in me!

A cluttered home is no joke!

It may be April fools day but a cluttered home is no joke. As a matter of fact it could be dangerous. When your home gets cluttered it can easily become unsafe to step over or around things that are blocking your path. If this may be a problem for you Declutter by Lani can help. I can help you get your home from cluttered to comfortable! So what are you waiting for? Call, message or text today and let me help you make your space your happy place!

What to do before selling your home

Thinking of selling your home? Now is a great time to get started. Before you list though you’ll want to make sure your home is ready and I can help. From Declutter to organizing I can get your home picture perfect before your realtor comes in with any potential buyers. Have a question or want to book an appointment with me, please feel free to message or call me at 203-721-0657 or 516-404-6041.

Pre spring cleaning special

Though winter may seem like it’ll last forever spring is really just around the corner! But if these freezing cold temperatures and snowy days and getting you down how about a pre spring special to lift your spirits while decluttering, organizing and cleaning your home at the same time! Book a 6 hour appointment with me between now and March 15th and get two free hours! How’s that for savings? Call, text or message today and let me help you make your space your happy place!