A cluttered home is a dangerous home!

Is your home cluttered? Do you often trip over or have to step around piles of clothing or household items? Do you worry about being trapped should the piles fall around you? Did you know a cluttered home could put your health and safety at risk?

A cluttered home can be dangerous for you, your family and even your pets. Not only can you trip and fall but a cluttered home is the perfect hiding spot for mice and once they make their way in they can and will multiply. They will then eat your food, make nests from your clothing and take over your home!

Did you know that a single mouse can have dozens of babies? And her babies can reproduce in just two months? This could quickly become hundreds of mice in your home. And if they are eating your food they are defecating and urinating as well. Mice can carry a disease called the Hantavirus which could make you very sick. Sadly, if your home is cluttered you may not even know you have them until they have multiplied and taken over.

No one should have to live with mice! At Declutter by Lani my mission is to help you make your home safe, comfortable and rodent free! I can help you Declutter and organize your home so you never have to worry about troublesome pests! So what are you waiting for? Call or text today and let me help you make your space your happy place!

More isn’t always better, sometimes more is just more!

I once watched a movie where the main character is selectively taking pictures of a house to be listed for sale. The owner of the house wanted the woman to take dozens upon dozens of pictures stating the more they took the better. The woman takes the camera from her eyes, looks directly into his and states “More isn’t always better, sometimes more is just more”. I truly believe this statement applies to other aspects of life too; for instance how much “stuff” you keep in your home.

At Declutter by Lani it is my goal to help you minimize the items in your home by getting rid of all the extras. I will work with you every step of the way to help you clear out all the unwanted and unneeded items and then organize what you keep so that you can enjoy it all.

So what are you waiting for? Call today and let me help you make your space your happy place!

Time for some Up-keeping?

Is keeping up with your home keeping you up at night? Why not put your worries to rest and book an “Up-keeping” appointment so you can sleep easy tonight!

When it comes to keeping your home clean and organized do you find that you do not have the time or energy? Are you a single parent, recently disabled, or simply overwhelmed? Whatever the situation or reason booking an up-keeping appointment with Declutter by Lani can help by doing those pesky chores for you.

From the sink full of dishes to the overflowing laundry baskets I’ll be there to take care of it for you, and at a fraction of the price of what many housekeeping companies charge.

So what are you waiting for? Call, email, or message me today so you can sleep worry free tonight.

Less mess, less stress

I have been working with my latest client for roughly three months now. From our initial meeting to today the transformation of his home is unbelievable. When we met my client said “I can’t believe it got this way”. He now says “I can’t believe this is my home, it’s amazing and I love it”.

Decluttering a home is a lot of work, but it is so worth it if you want to make changes that will affect you in a positive way. Living in a cluttered home is stressful and once it is free of the clutter and organized peace and comfort can make its way back in. I am so incredibly happy for my clients when all the hard work is paid off and they have the home of their dreams.

Here are just a few pictures I have been allowed with my clients permission to post to this website. The pictures are layered to show the changes on top and the original look on the bottom. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as my latest client is enjoying living within them.

Declutter by Lani

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Let me help you make your space
your happy place!

Declutter by Lani will help you declutter and organize your home or office. I do everything from closets, small rooms, large areas, garages, basements, attics, bedrooms, offices and even entire homes. I work with you from start to finish and will even help prepare donations and list items you’d like to sell.

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